Soroptimists are women in professions and business who work together at local, national and international levels to educate, empower and enable women and girls with an aim to improving their lives.
Soroptimists have addressed women’s issues in their communities and beyond since Soroptimist International was founded in 1921. Today, we are a strong international network of some 74,000 women, who are powerful and effective advocates of women’s and girls’ rights. Soroptimists are politically independent and respect all religions.

Today, Soroptimist International of Europe (SIE), the largest of the five Federations of Soroptimist International, is comprised of some 31,500 women across Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

The national Unions and Clubs of Soroptimist International of Europe initiate, support, finance and implement well over 4,000 projects for millions of euros every year. Our members work in their communities and beyond to provide concrete and practical help to women and girls.

Renata Trottmann Probst, SIE President 2017-2019, takes us on a journey celebrating the Soroptimist International centenary and the significant moments of her biennium.

Flags of the Unions and Single Clubs of the European Federation SIE


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