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GREENLAMP | Learn – Light – Lead

The catalyst for GreenLamp was the powerful and inspirational work of Pulitzer Prize-winning husband and wife team, Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. “Half The Sky: How to change the world” describes the systemic and endemic abuse of women’s rights throughout the developing world, and details basic steps ordinary people can take to empower women and fight the ‘gendercide’.

From this impassioned call-to-arms, GreenLamp was born. Since 2012, our grass-roots, Zurich-based group has worked to raise funds for community-based projects that contribute to the improved health, education and rights of young women in need.

Our team travel regularly to Ethiopia to engage with local experts and organizations, and to ensure that our fundraising is meaningful and effective. We connect with individuals and companies in Switzerland and beyond, adopting a meticulously strategic approach to both fundraising and project management. Our goal is to enable a brighter future for young women and girls via three complementary approaches: LEARN, LIGHT and LEAD.